Shortcuts in Resonic

If you're new to Resonic here are the most important shortcuts:

Play files: , , Left-ClickPlay folders: Ctrl + , .

Playback: , , Space , ↵ Enter , Num 0.

Volume: Num + , Num - , Pause/BreakHold Space to temporarily dim volume.

Visualization: F12 — e.g. waveform, analyzer

Refresh lists: F5 and Ctrl+F5.

Cut , copy , paste , delete files: Ctrl + X , C , V , Del.

This is a complete overview of the shortcuts in Resonic.

The Essential shortcuts get you started fast — the Advanced shortcuts are for power users.


Essential shortcuts:

, — seek backward, seek forward

Space — pause / resume playback
Space when stopped — play from beginning

Mouse over volume bar:
Left-Click or Wheel — change master volume

Advanced shortcuts:

Ctrl+ — seek backward in quarter steps
Ctrl+ — seek forward in quarter steps

Hold Space — dim master volume (e.g. while talking) (release to undim)
Alt+Space — play a random item in list

Num + — increase master volume
Num - — decrease master volume
Num / or Ctrl+L — toggle loop (seamlessly loops current file)
Num Enter — start playback
Num 0 — stop playback
Num 1 — seek to beginning of file
Num 2 — seek to middle of file
Pause/Break — toggle mute

Mouse over time display:
Wheel — seek forward or backward

While Resonic is starting up:
Hold Ctrl — disable startup resume (if enabled)

File List

Essential shortcuts:

Left-Click — play clicked file or restart from beginning
Right-Click — context menu for file
Wheel on file list — scroll file list

When file list focused:
, — select and play file
↵ Enter — play file or restart from beginning
Esc — clear file selection

Advanced shortcuts:

Mouse over file list:
⇧ Shift+Right-ClickExplorer context menu for file
Alt+Wheel — ,,play-scroll'' – navigate through files, playing them
Ctrl+Alt+Wheel — ,,play-scroll'' random files

When file list focused:
Ctrl+↵ Enter — select current file in Explorer window
Ctrl+⇧ Shift+↵ Enter — select current file's folder in Explorer window

Ctrl+ — play first file in previous folder
Ctrl+ — play first file in next folder

Alt+Num + — select group of files (dialog) (press again to quick-apply)
Alt+Num - — deselect group of files (dialog) (press twice to quickly deselect all selected files)
Alt+Num * — invert file selection

Ctrl+A — select all files
Ctrl+X — cut selected files / highlighted file
Ctrl+C — copy selected files / highlighted file
Ctrl+V — paste files from clipboard into current folder
Ctrl+Del — recycle selected files / highlighted file, with warning (even if file currently playing)

Folder Browser

Essential shortcuts:

Mouse over browser:
Left-Click — enter selected folder
Double-Click — enter selected folder and start playing
Right-Click — context menu for folder
Wheel — scroll folder list

Advanced shortcuts:

Mouse over browser:
⇧ Shift+Right-ClickExplorer context menu for folder
Alt+Wheelplay-scroll: navigate through folders, playing them

When browser focused:
, — change folder
Ctrl+, Ctrl+ — select and play previous/next file in file list
, — collapse or expand folder
↵ Enter — play first file in folder
← Back — go one level up in tree


Essential shortcuts:

Mouse over waveform:
Left-Click — seek to position
Right-Click — stop playback
Wheel — change master volume

Advanced shortcuts:

Middle-Click — pause / continue / start playback

Main Window

Essential shortcuts:

F4 — toggle left panel
F5 — refresh file list
Ctrl+F5 — refresh browser and file list
F12 or ⇧ Shift+Tab ↹ — next visualization type (e.g. waveform, analyzer)

Mouse over filename in header:
Left-Click — browse to active file
Right-Click — show context menu with additional options

Advanced shortcuts:

Tab ↹ — switch focus between file list and browser
Esc — switch focus to file list

Ctrl+F12 — toggle visualization (waveform, etc.)
Ctrl+Alt+H — toggle header
Ctrl+Alt+I — toggle information bar
Ctrl+Alt+L — toggle level meter
Ctrl+Alt+F — toggle footer
Alt+M — minimize to system tray (click tray icon to restore)

Mouse over filename in header:
Ctrl+Left-Click — open and select file in Explorer window


Essential shortcuts:

Ctrl+Left-Click — select individual files / folders
⇧ Shift+Left-Click — select multiple files / folders at once

Alt+Right-Click — clear selection

Advanced shortcuts: