A first look at Resonic Pro

This video shows you some of the fundamental features of the Resonic Pro Beta.

Announcement: Beta Testers

You are an established professional in the music/audio/video/film/broadcast/games industry?

You like the concept of Resonic Pro, you would like to test early versions and bring your own ideas to the table?
Then don't hesitate and get in touch.

Please provide a little extra information about yourself, like what you do professionally and how Resonic fits into your daily routine.

Please understand that we will only take on serious offers.

Resonic Pro builds on top of the Resonic Player engine while strongly extending functionality for:

  • music producers
  • sound designers
  • mastering engineers
  • video game producers and designers
  • sample CD producers
  • video editors working with audio
  • We are dedicated to making Resonic Pro an every-day tool with the potential to push productivity and creativity, and to ultimately help improve your overall workflow.

    Resonic Pro is in development. Please stick around for a little longer!

    What's cooking

    Some words on a couple of planned features currently sizzling in the pan, in no particular order:

    Sample database

    Built-in sample library with search, extensive meta support, and some fresh new ideas.

    Creative sample browsing

    Browse samples fast, very fast. Interact, rather than just play.

    All new browsing methods.

    Audio extraction

    Decode audio, and selected portions, to .wav, with on-the-fly rate and bit conversion.

    Selections, markers, cues, rulers, live looping

    Draw and resize selections, loop in real-time, set cues, markers, etc.
    A major upgrade for the waveform visualization.

    Previews on YouTube: realtime looping | reconstruction

    Sample-rate shifting

    Real-time sample-rate shifting, starting off with semi-tones.

    Extended support for sample files

    Not much to say about this yet, except that we're moving slightly into the direction of sample management here.

    External device support

    There will be extensive support for the ShuttlePRO V2, and (MIDI) controllers are very likely to follow.

    Note that Contour Design's ShuttleXpress is already natively supported. Plug it in, and you're good to go.

    Additional file formats

    Surprise dish.

    Also, support for Broadcast Wave files.

    Instant folder mapping

    Quite a unique and exciting feature, more details to come.

    Auto Tagging

    If you're into sample management and you need to find sounds fast, this will blow your mind.

    Advanced stereo monitoring options

    Dim, mono, crossfeed, center adjust, L-R, M-S, etc.

    Improved waveform

    New waveform styles like solid waveforms, fluid waveform shading, etc.

    Improved level meter

    RMS, peak hold, values, clip, options, mono-compatibility meter.
    Labs preview: peak hold

    Improved spectrum analyzer

    Grid, hold, options.

    Slow-motion frequency analyzer

    Lets you slow down files, especially short ones, for slow-motion frequency analysis.

    Digital silence visualization

    Quickly spot silent parts, useful when setting selections.

    Preview: stereo, multi-channel

    New columns

    With extended meta support.

    New visualizations

    Bullet mode

    Reduces internal processing to the bare minimum, and stops scanning meta data like tags, which makes for the fastest possible sample-browsing and previewing. This is especially useful for folders with tens and hundreds of thousands of files.

    Development Previews


    A short demo on slicing, live slice playback, pitching, and slice export.

    Musical Spectrum

    A quick look at the new user interface and the musical spectrum in the latest developer build.

    DSD Scanning Speed

    Comparing Resonic's 2-channel and multi-channel DSD waveform scanning speed to Tascam's new HiResEditor.

    Realtime Looping

    Development progress on real-time looping in Resonic Pro.


    Just a quick and dirty preview of a loop reconstruction and real-time pitching proof-of-concept. Played with num key.

    This page is updated regularly.

    Check out the Labs page for a couple of up-to-date peeks into development.

    Content currently only available in English.