Contacting Us

Your participation improves Resonic, and your support keeps it going.

Your questions, comments, ideas and suggestions, bug reports, and thanks are always welcome. So is your constructive criticism.

Maybe you can write about Resonic on your blog or website, on social media, or simply let your friends and colleagues know about it
to help us spread the word about this project, and to build a strong community.

Direct your letters to .

No technical email support is available for the free Resonic Player. Instead please use Discord, Forums, FB Group, or any of the other options listed below whenever you can to make the discussion available to all users.


Discord Homebase

A steadily growing home for Liqube Audio and Resonic with voice chats, Q&As, screen shares, and an overall good way to avoid other "social" media sites.
A place for digital art and talk that covers and connects many areas of audio, music, gaming, game design, and graphics, spanning creative users and industry professionals working in many fields.
You'll find all kinds of artists in the wild here, from music/film/game composers, sound designers, to demosceners :)
If you're new to Discord, ask, and you'll receive help.

Resonic Users Group

If you're still on Facebook join our Resonic group for more involved discussions, and to talk directly to the developers. We post smaller updates here that do not make it onto the main page. It's a good way to find out what's going on behind the scenes too.

Liqube Forums

Our discussion forums and community related to anything Liqube Audio, but especially Resonic.

Public Bug Tracker

A newly set up bug tracker for your bug reports, ideas, and suggestions as an add-on to what we already have. Please note that we're also keeping private lists and mindmaps of everything relevant that's been said and suggested to us.

KVR Company Forum

A little discussion board provided and hosted by the good people at KVR Audio.



Every now and then we post behind the scenes updates to our Instagram account.


Liqube Audio

The occasional video tutorial and update on our Liqube Audio YouTube channel.


Resonic Audio Player

When something noteworthy happens with Resonic Pro and Resonic Player you'll find it out here as well.



Occasional but purely automated updates on ex-Twitter as we're not hanging around spaces with a radiation level >15,000 mSv.

KVR Company Page

In case you wish to follow us on KVR Audio.