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Resonic Player 0.9b (1661)

Casual Users

Released December 28, 2017
For Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7

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For personal and non-profit use.


Using the setup version is recommended as it comes with clean Explorer integration, custom icon support, and simplifies the installation of updated versions.
Our custom setup will never alter or take over any of your existing file associations without your permission.

Run setup (Double-Click the .msi) and follow the instructions. Installation takes a few seconds. Older versions of the same flavor will be upgraded. When complete, Resonic will start.

More information: Installing Resonic


Get the portable version instead if you wish to run Resonic Player off your portable disk / USB drive, and read the included portable-readme.txt.

A portable version of Resonic Pro is currently not available.

Resonic Player 0.8.9b (August 02, 2017)Setup, Portable
Resonic Pro 0.8.9b (August 02, 2017)Setup

Virus Scanners

Don't instantly fall for false positives, verify the download sources, check the digital signatures, avoid low-quality AV software, and always look for consistent results across multiple virus scanners.

We check for viruses, spyware, and malware, we reject ads and adware offers, and we don't abuse your personal data like your phone does right now. Get your updates from this site, and this site only.

Resonic is digitally signed, and certified with an industry-standard antivirus software taggant. More details here, and here — but if you have any concerns, send us an email.

Slow Startup

Some virus scanners might cause slow-downs.

Keep your AV software up to date, but if you want the best possible Resonic performance create a folder exclusion (e.g., Windows Defender on Windows 10/8/8.1, Security Essentials on Windows 7). More details here.

Resonic needs your continued support!

Thousands and thousands of man-hours go into making Resonic.

Your donations help us fund development and hosting a bit so we can keep releasing updates of the free Player version.
But if you'd really want to give us a push forward please consider purchasing a license for Resonic Pro.

P. Greiss, B. von Heesen, R. Hirth, A. Saloid, M. Hasebos, M. Ladouce, R. Andreas, J. Wise, A. F. Sanchez, T. Helzle, Big Man Stevie, J. V. Talbert, G. Mezzina, P. Erdos, B. Tiessen, S. Repp, M. Sahr, S. Conolly, F. Jolin, J. Junttila, J. Theodor, A. Erlinger, E. Holmes, S. Ward, E. Schaap, T. Teschauer, M. Alotaibi, R. Gantke, D. Seiffert, G. Langley, N. Schumm, P. Peltz, D. Ash, J-P. Cuenot, G. Nordberg, D. Kelf, F. Rucker, K. Bae, P. Egener, M. Patricio, B. Beier, R. Berg, U. Orçun, R. Flaven, V. Harder, B. Mehrholz, R. Escudero, D. Swanö, J. Lavine, G. Podrugović, M. Aeschbach, J. Ky Marsh, S. Pauly, S. Clough, A. Moisa, pp, S. Gurvich, F. Pedersen, A. De Bernardi, H. Hausmann, M. Castiglione, O. R. Kolåsæter, RVXKA, T. Matysiakiewicz, M. Clausing, M. Fabre, A. Stokke, A. Philippov, A. N. Karp, M. Mulrine, A. Wollenhaupt, M. Korbar, T. Szczerba, E. Egorkin, D. Johnston, A. Banas, A. Fodor, R. Streller, S. Schade, D. Schuster, M. Antoniou, Y. Delmas, E. Child, S. Speight, J. Bracke, S. Grabienski, D. Scherzer, G. Pluhar, A. Mor, P. Zöllner, SNK, O. Kärsna, M. Vock, G. Erdelyi, P. Letz, C. Marin Uriarte, A. Stolov, M. Castiglione, O. Gavliuk, L. Zizics

As well as all early adopters, beta testers, and everyone sharing their bug reports, ideas, and suggestions.

Thank you!