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Please note that the Early Access (EA) offer that helped with getting this project going is about to end. We'll be leaving EA and Beta in 2023.

Purchase Resonic Pro

Individual License

A single-user license with up to three personal devices. You are welcome to suggest group buys.

Purchase an Individual License

Small Business License

Multiple individual licenses for up to three users, and up to five devices per user.

Purchase a Small Business License

Business License

A license for multiple seats within a single business (or institute) in a single location.

Multiple individual licenses, one device per seat, tiered pricing applies.

Purchase a Business License (Seat-Based)

Site License

A site license includes unlimited seats and devices, and can be deployed automatically.

School License

A discounted license to fit the requirements, size, and financial means of your school.

Educational License

An Individual License with a fixed 20% discount.

Please with proof of being a student at a primary/secondary school, college, university, or other state-accredited school. This could be:

  • Your student ID for the current term
  • Your tuition bill for the current term
  • A document signed by your school's office to certify your student status for the current term

We will get back to you with a payment link.

Try Resonic Pro

Request a Pro Trial

Please include your full name and email address if any of those don't match the information you're emailing us with.

If you're on Discord let us know your nick so we know who we're talking to.

You'll get at least three full months. Please take your time to check out what's currently there, and whether it actually helps your workflow, and maybe give us a bit of feedback.
If you ever need another trial you can renew it after a while.

Your information is kept confidential, no email spam.

Cannot afford a Pro License?

You have experience with Alpha and Beta testing (read here), are proficient with translating software from English to your native tongue, or with designing color themes, then find us on Discord.

We're always looking for extra sets of eyes and hands, and every active tester receives a Pro license which is then renewed in intervals. We need help, so please don't hit and run, it'll just waste everyone's time and you'd be better off requesting a trial version instead.

Early Acccess

What You Get

You receive one or more Resonic Pro EA licenses, depending on the license model.

Purchased Pro licenses don't expire, and you can use them on both your desktop and laptop systems.

EA licenses are full and unrestricted Pro licenses. However, instead of being tied to update extensions they entitle you to free updates up to and including the major 1.0 release.

This is scheduled to change after 1.0 when base pricing is corrected, but our early adopters will receive a free update extension for a year as a thank you for the help with getting this thing going.
We won't ever force our customers into subscription schemes; update extensions will be optional, and software won't expire.

You'll always get access to whatever is ready right now, without further delay, which includes new features, documentation, Beta versions and pre-releases, which can co-exist with non-Beta versions on the same system, technical support, and of course a widely open ear for your suggestions, and notifications about new releases.

And if you're up for it you always have a chance to help shape work-in-progress features with your feedback.

What's Early Access?

We want to give the various communities of audio professionals across the globe the chance to help develop and refine a fresh and creative attempt at audio asset management.

With your support the software can be built to suit the requirements and accelerate the workflow of those who need to work with lots of audio files on a daily basis. The Early Access phase helps us understand those requirements, communicate with you individually, adapt, improve, and grow the project accordingly.

We're a small, but dedicated team and you help ensure that we can keep going, which is critical to the future of Resonic.