Reinventing Workflow with Resonic Pro

Resonic Pro is an every-day audio tool for professionals and enthusiasts alike that supercharges your productivity and lets you handle your audio content in more playful and creative ways.

Fast and Responsive

With exceptional speed, responsiveness, stability, and usability Resonic Pro can improve your overall workflow, so that you can get done more in less time.

From playing, looping, and extracting audio, to file, sound, and sample management, the Pro version extends, improves, and reinvents the basic features found in Resonic Player, and adds countless new ones.

Find out how out how the Pro compares to the free Player in the Product Comparison Chart.

Designed for Audio Professionals

The Pro version is being designed with audio professionals and enthusiasts in mind:

  • music producers, composers
  • sound designers, audio engineers, from recording to mastering
  • video game producers, designers
  • video editors
  • audio content producers (e.g. sample CDs)

Planned Features

To learn more about planned features in Resonic Pro:
Development Road Map

Maximum Metadata Coverage

We consider metadata coverage to be the most important quality of a good sample librarian, hence a lot of our attention goes into this part of the program. The Resonic meta core is extracting and reinterpreting deep metadata from files that is not visible to most other applications.

Resonic's ground-breaking Auto Tag system (to be introduced with the 1.0 release) and its advanced algorithms will round this off by predicting keywords based on the extracted metadata, processing millions of patterns and combinations on countless files within just a few milliseconds, building up a virtual keyword library automatically, which assists you in finding sounds fast that you didn't even know you had. A year of research and analysis and a lot of feedback from testers went into this particular feature and we're convinced that it'll be a driving force to your workflow.

Integrated File Management

Manage files and folders using Explorer-like management functions, tightly integrated with the operating system, directly from within Resonic.

From cutting, copying, pasting, recycling, and moving files, to advanced Drag & Drop inside Resonic, from Resonic into other applications, and from other applications into Resonic, in the most compatible way possible to cover as many third party applications as possible.

Available from Resonic Pro 0.9.

The Pro main window in 0.8.8b, listing all 25 GB of samples in a GDC game audio sample pack:

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This video shows you some of the fundamental features of the first Resonic Pro Beta release (0.6.2):

Pro Features

In the following sections we'll be showing you some of the more interesting features.

Exclusive Dark Theme

The Pro version comes with an additional dark theme as well as a light switch in the bottom left corner to toggle between light and dark.

Light Switch

Selections, Loops, Cues, Rulers

Draw, edit, move selections, loop in real-time, set slices, cues, and markers.
A major upgrade for the waveform visualization.

Silence Visualization

Quickly spot digitally silent parts, useful when setting cuts and selections.

Audio Extraction

Decode and extract waveform selections or slices to .wav, with on-the-fly conversion to your preferred sample rate, bit depth, and channel count.

Reads existing markers, cues, slices, and transients from ACID WAV, AIFF, REX and MIDI files and displays them in the waveform as snapping points.

Learn more: Audio Extraction

Pitch Shifting

Real-time tape-style pitch-shifting in semitone and cent steps and using the mouse wheel.
Also affects the audio extraction features.

Drag & Drop Selections

Drag & Drop waveform selections — i.e., extract audio — directly into Resonic's file list or browser, Windows Explorer, and most other applications that accept audio files, including popular DAWs as well as audio and video editing software.

Batch Targets

Batch Targets point to fixed destination folders or drives and are displayed in a sidebar tab. They can copy/move/convert files and folders via Drag & Drop, but can also have one or more batch processing options attached to them.

Learn more: Batch Targets

Metadata System

A sophisticated metadata system for file-based information, extracting deep metadata that is not visible to most other applications.

  • Broadcast Wave (BWF), MBWF (RF64)
  • iXML (official) + Steinberg Extension
  • RIFF WAV + ACID WAV (incl. transients)
  • Apple Loops (AIFF) (incl. transients)
  • CART Chunk (broadcasting)
  • Scott Studios SS32 Wave Metadata (broadcasting)
  • ID3v2 (also embedded, including WAV)
  • ID3v1
  • REX2/REX/RCY Metadata (incl. transients)
  • Soundminer Metadata
  • Battery2 Library Tags (embedded in WAV/MP3)
  • Wavelab Marker Metadata
  • APE Tags
  • MP4 Atoms
  • Windows Media Metadata (WMA/WMV/ASF)
  • Vorbis Comment
  • Standard MIDI Files (markers and text content)
  • STEMS Metadata

To name a few. We'll be offering detailed information about this on a separate page as the exhaustive metadata support is one of the strongest features of Resonic Pro.

Level Meter

The Pro includes much improved level metering:

RMS, peak hold, value display, post-decode clipping detection, wide multichannel mode, stereo correlation meter (mono-compatibility), EBU R128 metering (in upcoming version.)

Slow Motion Analyzer

Pitch down audio for real-time slow-motion frequency analysis.

Fast Slicing

A little dated, this video shows you how to create new files from slice points, and fast:

Cue and Marker Features

From fast slicing and extraction to playing slices via letter keys on the keyboard to changing extraction format.
Have a look at this screenshot for a first impression.

Record What You Hear

Recording everything you hear within Resonic Pro directly to a new file on disk is as easy as clicking a single button, which can be used as sketch pad, brainstorming tool, or even as a helper for sound design.

Learn more: Recording in Resonic Pro

List Complete Folder Structures

A simple Alt+Left-Click on any folder will list its files and all of its subdirectories' files within just a few moments.

Read more about the basic features: Introduction to Resonic Pro