About Us

Liqube Audio is a small team with decades of experience in audio production, coding, and design between them, and is dedicated to bringing quality audio tools to the masses.

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While Liqube on its own originally is an electronic music project established in 2004 and still ongoing, Liqube Audio is the business side, which is focused on software.

Our top priorities are usability and innovation.

We're best known for Resonic Player, the fast audio player and sample browser, and Resonic Pro, an audio asset manager for audio professionals.

Being closely involved with the community and always open for brainstorming and feedback is how we work best, which makes our users actively want to work with us as well. Their contributions are always seen, collected, and often revisited and discussed.

We also made the free tools DTC and PluGView, as well as various other software.

We've been working with companies, artists, and individuals for years and are always happy to welcome new opportunities. Of course we're also highly appreciative of any support we receive, financially or in other ways.

Note that we take on paid feature requests, usually in a limited exclusive fashion unless contracted otherwise, in order to accelerate certain parts of development.

Feel free to get in touch anytime.

Resonic was born out of frustration.

The lack of studio-grade features in existing audio players, and the boring process of spotting lots of long files after a field recording day, cutting pieces out, saving them to new files, you know the drill. Something needed to be created that simplifies this job and most importantly keeps the motivation flowing. Today we call it Resonic Pro, and it has long surpassed the original ideas.

Audio players have rarely combined fast handling of audio files with features that accelerate repetitive and creativity-absorbing processes during audio production. Aside from speed and stability issues, the actual playback portion was often rushed and eventually ended up being suffocated by new features piled on top of it.

While most players work fine for music listening, they often fail to satisfy in daily studio life with bad handling of short sample files, no seamless looping, no fast retriggering of sounds, and no visual seeking.

Audio and video producers commonly work with very large amounts of content, but neither free nor paid software has been able to handle tens or even hundreds of thousands of files efficiently without indexing them first.

When it comes to metadata, only the very basic tags have been established for mainstream use, which are covered by most players. Countless new competing standards and pseudo-standards have emerged over the years. These days many programs and methods to embed metadata in files exist, sometimes partially broken or off-specification. When the metadata is written in different ways, but not properly read again, much of it is eventually is lost in translation. Resonic's ever-evolving Meta Core attempts to read and interpret as much information as possible.

Resonic is a Liqube Audio project.

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