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Posted August 23, 2017

Paul from Creative Field Recording has written an article on metadata applications for audio professionals working with sound effect collections, which now also features the current state of Resonic Pro.

Posted May 9, 2017

Resonic 0.8.8b (Pro only) with REX support is now available on !

This major Pro update introduces Propellerhead REX/RX2/RCY support with slice display, visual track length indicators for the file list, font size settings for file list and browser, and improved metadata support (including Soundminer and NI.)

Some updated documentation and a quick start introduction to the Pro can be found at

You can now request a Pro trial version: go to and get in touch with your full name and email.

Enjoy + let others know!

Posted April 23, 2017

The next big release is near and will focus on Resonic Pro. Meanwhile here's a Player vs. Pro feature comparison.

Posted April 15, 2017

Resonic Pro is now officially iXML compatible, with more features to come in future updates.

Posted March 31, 2017

Dear Resonic 0.8.5 user, are your FLAC waveforms missing? Then, and in any other case, please update to 0.8.6 – we've corrected an issue that is not quite ours here.

Posted March 28, 2017

Resonic 0.8.6b is now available for download. Get it on !

This releases introduces vertical waveform zoom, audio extraction improvements, and several right-click menus (stop/play/pause) to Resonic Pro.
It also fixes a few pressing issues (track advance, tray, device selection) in both Resonic Player and Pro.

A full list of changes can be found at

New and updated keyboard shortcuts can be found at

Enjoy + let others know!

Posted March 16, 2017

Resonic 0.8.5b is now available for download. Get it on !

This release is a milestone on the way to advanced features:
the file list filter lets you visually filter what's displayed in the file list by filename (artist, title, album, or any other available metadata in the Pro version.)
Resonic now has an often-requested double-click mode for the file list, improved drag & drop handling (does not restart files), and a fully reworked configuration system.
We've also let go of Windows XP support in favor of faster progress and features.

A full list of changes can be found at

New and updated keyboard shortcuts can be found at

Enjoy + let others know :D

Posted December 21, 2016

The Resonic Pro giveaway has ended, the winner's have been picked randomly, aaaand the two Pro licenses go to:

- Matt Err from Germany
- Craig Stennett from England

Get in touch with this page with the full name and email exactly as it should appear on your license key to claim your prizes!

Congratulations! :)

Posted December 12, 2016

Today, 4 years ago, Resonic was first released. Thousands of work hours and a few hundred thousand lines of code later the project that started as a vision of an exceptionally fast and unique audio player and sample tool is growing up, and fast.
To celebrate the first year of Resonic Pro we're GIVING AWAY TWO LICENSES for Resonic Pro. Enter, help us become a little more known, and win a copy of the Pro version.
Enter here:
The winners will be announced on Dec 21!
Good luck :)

Posted November 26, 2016

A lot is happening behind the scenes over here. But hey, here's a big one: Say hi to Resonic's brand spanking new file filter. We're pushing to finish up a first version so you can start using it. Best thing about it though, Pro users get to enjoy filtering all the other metadata fields in one go as well :) While this doesn't replace the big search feature it's one important milestone on the way there.

Posted November 13, 2016

OptimFROG lossless audio files (.ofr/.ofs) – somewhat comparable to FLAC and WavPack – are now supported by both versions of Resonic. Florin, its creator, kindly gave us permission to use all encoders/decoders for future versions. We'll be looking into meta data and floating point audio support, too, in a later release.
More about it here:

Posted October 22, 2016

In case Resonic 0.8 does not start properly for you, or has interface glitches, please re-download the official version, which was hotfixed. This affects a small fraction of systems and is caused by certain graphics card drivers.

Posted October 9, 2016

The Resonic website and its downloads will be offline for about six hours starting tonight at 2:00 CET/18:00 PST.
Stay tuned for the big 0.8 update release this week!

Posted September 1, 2016

Benutzt du noch DirectSound mit Resonic auf Windows 7/8/10? Die neuesten Builds (ab 0.7.6) kommen bereits mit WASAPI-Unterstützung (im "Shared"-Modus) daher und sorgen für schnelleres Playback und Seeking. Die Soundqualität wird ebenfalls verbessert. Einfach die WASAPI-Version statt der DS-Version der Soundkarte im Preferences-Dialog (STRG-P) auswählen und mal ausprobieren.
Funktioniert zur Zeit nur mit 2-kanaligen Treibern.

Posted August 9, 2017

Our mate Matt Preston, the creative force behind Phaeleh, has been venturing into the depths of electronic, bass, and ambient music for a good part of his life now, and kept reinventing himself over the years. We're happy to say that he has been a Resonic Pro user for a while now, but to get an idea how Matt really works don't miss his studio feature in the September 2017 issue of the Future Music Magazine – out now. 🔥🔥🔥

Posted May 5, 2017

A Pro update with several new features is incoming on Tuesday. Stay tuned!

Posted April 19, 2017

Resonic 0.8.7b is now available for download. Get it on !

A full list of changes can be found at

New and updated keyboard shortcuts can be found at

Enjoy + let others know!

Posted April 12, 2017

Inevitably coming to a copy of Resonic Pro near you very soon! Can you guess it? #teaseralert

Posted March 29, 2017

If you're still using DirectSound as your output system in Resonic, try switching to WASAPI: to do this, click the 'DS' button in the bottom right corner and choose a WASAPI output device from the list. Note that we'll be focusing more on WASAPI from now on as it is the higher quality playback system.

Besides, there is a little bug in the .6 release where track advance is broken with DS devices. This will be fixed in the .7 update.

Posted March 17, 2017

Some words on Resonic and trust:

- Resonic is digitally signed three times: Setup (msi) is digitally signed, exe/dlls are digitally signed, and the exe also contains a Taggant certificate ( to be used by anti-virus/malware software.

- Starting with 0.8.5 we're using an updated high-trust digital signature by DigiCert.

- Resonic never transmits any of your personal information or information that could identify you over the internet, does not even open URLs in most cases without asking you. [Think about what your phone does right now…]

False positives in virus scanners are common these days, simply put, because many virus scanners suck and do not stick to the standards they have agreed on. So don't be unsettled because of the glorified AV horse dung you're using, presenting Resonic as malware (and that's only very few), better send the exe file in question to free online AV scanning services like VirusTotal or Jotti to get some real peace of mind.

This, on the forums:

Posted January 9, 2017

Hope you all enjoyed your holidays and are starting the new year with fresh energies. While we're finalizing the next big Resonic update with the file list filter and reworked configuration system we've updated the Resonic Pro introduction page, just in case you're interested :)

Posted December 14, 2016

We're experiencing download issues with our hoster. In case you cannot download Resonic please retry at – Thanks!
EDIT: The problems seem to have been resolved.

Posted December 9, 2016

We've certainly come a long way since one of the first user Resonic interface drafts back then. From vision to reality :) The anniversary is coming up in a couple of days and we're working hard on getting the latest build, which will bring you a file list filter among other Pro goodness, stable and ready.

Posted November 17, 2016

If you were unable to download Resonic recently, please retry. We have fixed an issue that might apply to you.

Posted November 6, 2016

Resonic 0.8.1b is now available for download. Get it on !

This is an important bugfix release for both Player & Pro that deals with several visual glitches, soundcard selection, and occasional startup crashes of the 0.8 major release.

A full list of changes can be found at

New and updated keyboard shortcuts can be found at

Enjoy + let others know :D

Posted October 16, 2016

Resonic 0.8.0b is available for download. This is the update you've been waiting for. This is 0.8, mate! Get it on !

This major update brings several fixes and improvements, e.g. an issue that might have reduced mouse wheel functionality for multi-monitor users, as well as updated support for user-provided Soundfonts for MIDI playback and many more features.

WASAPI support is now stable enough to be the recommended output system, i.e. when you pick your soundcard in the preferences dialog make sure you try WASAPI first.
Use DirectSound (DS) as a last resort only, or when your soundcard requires it.

For the Pro version this release introduces experimental ASIO support.

A full list of changes can be found at

New and updated keyboard shortcuts can be found at

Enjoy & share :D

Posted October 5, 2016

The next release is taking longer than expected, but it's a big one this time. We decided to merge the September update with new features which will bump Resonic to version 0.8.
Feel free to try any of the pre-release builds and discuss with us in the 'Resonic Users' group.
Meanwhile, here's an often-requested feature for Resonic Pro taking shape: vertical zoom.

Posted August 27, 2016

For the last two months we mostly spent time on fixing little things, adding a few big things like WASAPI, doing research, and preparing the Resonic code base for the big things to come. We had a nap, but now it's time to perform again.
How has your experience with the latest versions of Resonic Player and Pro been? Anything to report, good or bad? New ideas, bump suggestions? Do tell!

For older entries please visit Resonic on Facebook.

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