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February 23, 2022

Still alive. A lot has gone wrong though.

Please read this for the latest update:

Find Liqube himself and the team of volunteers, who also have the latest news, on Discord:

We've removed Google Analytics from all our sites for good.

May 5, 2021

Resonic Pro 0.9.4 is in its final Beta testing phase.

We'll be leaving the Beta phase as well as Early Access (EA) with this upcoming release.
If you still want a Pro license at the EA price, now is the time.

October 31, 2020

A hell of a year so far, but no partying today. We're staying inside, and there's enough to do.

In terms of Resonic there's always room for optimization and improvement, but the latest Alpha builds really show how much faster software can become.

Shouts to the awesome community on Discord for constantly helping us make this thing better.

Stay safe, everyone.

October 26, 2020

The LA Discord server is now our HQ for text and voice chats, beta testing and general creative content. New alpha versions are always available there We'll be shutting down the Slack workspace next week.

This news page was reworked to allow for posts again. Whee.

August 30, 2020

Resonic Pro is actively being developed but builds and releases are dragging (like the rest of this forsaken year.)

For the time being join our Discord for actual updates.

March 2, 2020

Facebook has cut off our news feed.

We've banished them from your browser years ago and we're not willing to bring them back here Until we figure out something else please visit our FB page and discussion group, forums Discord, or Slack, to keep updated and in touch!

June 26, 2019

Here's a summary of a few of the more notable features, aside from the regular bug fixes and usability improvements, in 0.9.3, 0.9.4, and beyond. With every release now we're also working on migrating towards high-DPI, making sure that the UI looks and feels good on zoom or 4K screens. Community feedback is really helpful at that front.

We're actively working on:

  • Database functionality and search features (note that currently there is only a filter, i.e. it filters the file lis based on filename or metadata, which is useful for refinement, but will eventually be improved by an actual indexed search)
  • High DPI improvements
  • New CPU/disk friendly peak cache
  • Support for external editors and tools
  • Non-blocking network support

Already implemented for upcoming 0.9.4 release:

  • Extensive iXML 2.0 support, covering a big chunk of the specification
  • Copy as Reaper media clip feature (in co-op with Cockos)
  • Fast create selections (mouse click drag)
  • Leading/trailing slice settings for slice export
  • Explorer icon refresh for usability's sake (incl. amb/bwf)
  • Ambisonics detection, where possible, .amb file support
  • Full multichannel ogg file support, including direct playback of .mogg files without having to split them up into channels first
  • About 30 new metadata items being read and displayed
  • Channel/track detection for formats that expose any usable metadata (e.g. WAVE/AIFF/AMB)
  • Channel switcher bar (channel/leg selector/picker) using aforementioned channel/track metadata, when available
  • Metadata improvements for several mobile recorders (from Zoom to Sound Devices)

Added in 0.9.3:

  • Several sound output related settings (rates, channel offset, exclusive mode, etc.)
  • Any number of sampler loops (sustain/release) embedded in WAVE/AIFF metadata are visualized and can be used for snapping
  • Improved filter (match all words, etc.)
  • Several new metadata items and columns (from speeds and time signature to Soundminer, iXML, peak/gain values, etc.)
  • Improved iXML/Soundminder metadata support
  • Filename fix option for Unreal engine users
  • Oscilloscope visualization

Have a crispy summer weekend 🤒♨️🤘

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June 5, 2019

Olá Brasil!

Our Pro user Flávio Dutra (The Old Side) has put a lot of effort into creating some excellent Portugese videos on Resonic Pro. He covers all the basics and gives you some in-depth tips and tricks for general use as well as for cutting up content:

1. Gerenciador de áudio profissional / Análise (Review)
2. Tips Tricks – Marcadores
3. Tips Tricks – Recortes (CUT / CUT PLAY)

Flavio's YouTube channel

Thank you, Flávio! <3

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June 2, 2019

Good news everyone! We've started implementing the first little bits of the redesigned database (as you can see on the exceptionally revealing high-resolution screenshot).

The goal here was to create something that lets us make use of our strong metadata core library – which is getting more powerful on a daily basis – and is a bit more elaborate than dreadfully slow and unflexible single-table solutions that you can find in most other sample managers.

One of the first features that'll appear is star ratings and favoritings.

Until then, stay fresh and Resonic on!

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March 21, 2019

Resonic 0.9.3b is now available for download.

A lot has been improved and fixed in this release, many features have been added, lots of user bug reports an suggestions have been taken seriously and been prioritized. The new sound card settings and better audio devic handling should really be mentioned first though. But there's so much more.

And if you haven't already, take a minute to read this page:
Resonic and Virus Scanners (AV)

Enjoy + spread the Resonic vibe! ✨

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January 31, 2019

A word on Microsoft's "Ransomware Protection" feature (or "Controlled folder access") introduced in Windows 10 Build 1803:

In theory it sounds pretty wonderful, in reality it is a nuisance in its current form and easily circumvented by ransomware Worse though, it can prevent existing programs from accessing Documents, Desktop, and other folders and quietly fai without a desktop notification, so programs might seem broken. The "feature" can also seriously affect the startup spee of programs. The latest versions of Resonic are affected, but all versions of Resonic may as well be. If you experienc ridiculously slow startup speeds (15+ seconds) or your preferences are not saved, try disabling ransomware protection When in doubt add an exception for the installed Resonic.exe files (see screenshots).

Windows Defender Notes
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Discord #progress

Lead developer updates straight from the LA Discord.

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August 17, 2021

Beta 2020 is available, mostly invisible changes

August 5, 2021

Beta 2019 is available, startup logging is disabled again (much faster). As a major improvement anybody with NAS/VPN/network shares should benefit from tweaks in this version. All previous Beta builds can still be used of course, in case you have to.

August 3, 2021

Much work currently goes into a new web API, which on Resonic's client side is – for the time being – only needed for update checks (with support for Alphas and Betas), and into making sure migration from version to version works well, which is needed to leave the Beta stage in a tidy way.
Besides that the Beta test is ongoing and anything relevant that comes up is fixed immediately.

August 2, 2021

Beta 2015 is available, startup logging was re-enabled for this version

July 22, 2021

It's been a few weeks, Beta 2013 is available

June 20, 2021

Working on the few remaining issues now, and on web related stuff.

It's all taking a bit long as this is also a move away from Early Access and a push to end the permanent Beta phase. We have to ensure that future updates are seamless, your data is taken over from version to version, new update checks are functional – which involves a larger rework of the web api, not only for update checks, but for downloads and licensing – and so forth.

Meanwhile private Beta testing is ongoing, so if anything weird is found now it's also fixed right away if possible.

June 11, 2021

We've been approved by Avid for Pro Tools "Spot to Timeline" support. This'll most likely pop up in 0.9.5 Alpha versions. There are also other things in the works that are moving into the same direction.

June 9, 2021

Unlocked a bunch of Discord channels in the Everyday Stuff section

Besides and there's now (non tech), (non tech), (non tech), , and (for those moments).

May 5, 2021

Improved reading of Scott Studios (SS32) and Wide Orbit radio broadcasting information, intro, segue (transition into next song or clip), and triggers are correctly displayed in the waveform

May 4, 2021

Entered second private Beta testing phase.

April 19, 2021

Private Beta testing has begun.

April 15, 2021

Working to cover another large portion of MediaBay metadata

Note to Steinberg: Who the hell in charge of your metadata? It's an absolute mess and getting worse with each release. As metadata specialists we're here if you need a hand.

April 13, 2021

Working on Beta setup. A look at the refreshed extra large icons.
The new Beta will allow you to associate different kinds of file formats in one go
Closing in on lots and lots of small and tiny issues, mostly related to consistency, minor functionality, upgrading, setup, and lastly visuals. These will be fixed while in Beta testing for a few weeks.

Overall performance feels vastly improved vs. the previous official build, which definitely feels like one huge accomplishment. Crunch pressure is mounting though…

I've been invited to The Mr. Bill Podcast last month and we've been talking about all kinds of stuff including Resonic, tech, the universe, and flat earthers 😄

Watch on YouTube

April 6, 2021

To everybody still waiting for a response outside of Discord: we had to take a timeout for week doing something (anything) else, hope you understand. Working through email and social media message backlogs now.
Actively working on the first 0.9.4 unofficial beta build. Yes, we're very close to leaving the Alpha phase :)

March 26, 2021

High DPI progress with browser icons at different zoom levels

March 20, 2021

Improving the super nice Keep position way of cleaning out files, especially longer ones (e.g. music)
So here's the theory: You enable the Keep position feature, seek to somewhere in the first third of the waveform, then use the arrow keys to switch between files, DEL to delete files, etc. Once deleted playback stops and you press ENTER to play the next file. However, this doesn't always work reliably. Currently the kept position was lost. This'll be fixed in the next Alpha. A big fix for those working like this.
The same behavior will be available for cleaning out playing folders with CTRL-SHIFT-DEL and following up with ENTER to play the next folder.

March 19, 2021

Alpha 2001 is ready for testing
Lots of little fixes and improvements, mostly not in the changelog, and one big fix where file/folder changes would not be reflected in the file list.

March 11, 2021

Alpha 2000 is up
This is a major milestone and includes all High DPI and UI rework code of the last six months. The UI should be much nicer to look at on 4K, with per-desktop zoom, it should also fix several dual-head issues, shrinking columns, etc.

March 9, 2021

Closer and closer to Alpha 2000 every day, a build that'll incorporate months of UI rework for high DPI displays and different zoom setings and UI performance improvements.

March 1, 2021

In Alpha builds we changed the way initial key metadata is handled.
Alpha 1999 is up. Mostly invisible work, but also major usability improvements with scrolling to and locating the active file, now with shortcut. This one wraps up the '90s and is subtitled 'Californication'.
For the first time in a while an Alpha build for the free Resonic Player is also available.
The initial key metadata – as written to the file by other tools (e.g. DJ software) – is displayed in its original text form in the Initial Key column while a consistent interpretation of all recognizable formats (including Open Key notation) is displayed in the Musical Key column.

February 28, 2021

It's worth mentioning again that all recent Alpha versions of Resonic start up 10-30x faster (fully depending on your system) than the last official 0.9.3 release.
This one's big, but in order to make and keep Resonic as fast as it is we're constantly optimizing the little things. The devil's in the detail, and that detail makes a world of a difference in the end.

February 24, 2021

Alpha 1998 with an exciting new, but highly experimental feature is up for testing: per-folder (even for multi-folder scans!) position/focus save and restore as you navigate your content. You might have to click folders twice for it to work. Seems so small, but this is a big one for usability. This build is subtitled 'Ex-Factor'.
In the last few months a lot of effort went into a High DPI rework to ensure Resonic looks and feels good on high resolution screens, on different zoom settings, and across multiple screens. None of the previous Alphas contained much of this rework, but the time has come to merge it all in.

February 20, 2021

Alpha 1997 is up for testing. Fixed most of the previously broken column issues, getting somewhere with the rework (yay). Also improved nudge and made selection resizing more clever/dynamic. This one's subtitled 'Evosonic Radio' for nostalgic reasons. We're closing in on the late '90s now.

February 17, 2021

Alpha 1996 is up for testing. We're not using full version numbers for Alpha builds anymore (again), only build numbers. A lot of little details and some major column stuff, mid-rework and half-broken. Some interesting usability features, re: waveform too. Make sure you read the changelog diff. I'll subtitle this one 'Rainbow to the Stars' (Dune)

February 15, 2021

Implemented left/right loop locator nudging (+-1 ms) and shortcuts for quick precise loop adjustments.
This will be available for testing in the next Alpha build, and officially in 0.9.5.

February 7, 2021

Since the dedicated goal is to look good and keep up the usability on High DPI screens (or even ones that are just zoomed), these changes are necessary.
Side quest: Redesign icons and glyphs from scratch for the UI refresh in future updates
White at it also redesigned the website icons and partner links as SVGs.
Designing the Resonic UX font

February 4, 2021

Seeing how more and more game audio folks are starting to use Resonic this Discord now has a dedicated #game-audio channel (formerly #making-games). For actual game development and design, or any kind of programming and scripting, #development is a good choice.
The former #audio-production channel is now called #music-production to be more dedicated to one of Resonic's primary uses. The #audio-recording channel was removed. For all other audio topics we got #other-audio for the time being.
Currently working on improving Resonic's file list column system (badly needed), to allow for different views, and on the underlying code that connects to the meta core

January 19, 2021

As a reminder, we're on 0.9.4 Alpha, now working towards 0.9.4 Beta.
It's been a long time since the last official release (0.9.3 Beta) and the changelog for 0.9.4 is getting out of hand. No new features will be added at this point, but the focus is mainly on fixing GUI issues and improving startup. The 0.9.4 Beta release won't be an official release anymore this time. Rather, it'll go into testing here on Discord. At the same time we'll begin work on 0.9.5 Alpha and release first builds shortly after. This is gonna be a hot phase for different reasons.
0.9.5, while planned as a much smaller release, will primarily focus on new features that are actually more fun and begin our new faster release cycles. Once 0.9.4 Beta testing is finished we'll release our first Resonic non-Beta version ever – leaving the permanent beta phase – as part of our new stable cycle. Also, we'll be leaving the Early Access (EA) phase. On top of that the web shop will be going live.

January 12, 2021

Quite a substantial playback feature update for tracked music / demoscene modules incoming. Also, finally crispy, crunchy chiptunes as intended and better XMPlay compatibility. This will be available in the next Alpha.

January 9, 2021

Most effort continues to go into improving high DPI support, i.e. zoom settings on Windows on high resolution screens, a topic a lot of software is struggling with. It becomes particularly tricky on multi-monitor systems with different zoom settings.

January 8, 2021

Alpha 1995 is up for testing. Small invisible changes mostly. I'll subtitle this one 'Pentium Pro'.

January 5, 2021

A tiny bit of progress on the high DPI front, fiddling with MIDI support (you'll likely see a crude but functional one-device implementation in the next version), and experimenting with finding out how percussive a sound is (actual audio analysis).

January 2, 2021

I'm catching up with all the overdue December emails now, in case anybody is still waiting for an answer.
What a year this month has been…

December 20, 2020

This year really doesn't want to end. I don't even wanna talk about the screwed up turns my life has taken in the last week. As if it's not enough to have to stomach the madness out there and have to create your own little lockdown bubble where you can function somewhat sufficiently there needs to be personal drama piled up sky high. Fantastic.
Apologies to everyone with outstanding PMs, emails, and my general absence, but wow, I cannot wait for 2020 to be over.
I'll be getting back to it, and I'll be in the kitchen voice channel all day today.

December 8, 2020

Alpha 1994 is up for testing. I'll just go ahead and subtitle this one 'Cobain'.
Reworked the lowest level of the Auto Tag Engine, human interpretation of special symbols and interpunctuation in text, and allowing it to support foreign language symbols in a more meaningful way. This is getting good.
Now working my way up step by step, starting there.

December 6, 2020

Experimental .cue sheet reading, prepped for 0.9.5 testing

December 2, 2020

Alpha 1993 is up for testing. TESTERS: Check the changelog for directions!
All these 199x numbers feel super odd to me, it's like re-living the '90s from build to build, and peculiar timing as like back then it is now a critical time for a project. Back then I was the project 😆

December 1, 2020

Added support for BWF descriptions in bizarre aXML chunks in RIFF WAVE files that don't have anything else in them, as written by Basehead, reported, and confirmed by game audio users. This is important as it contains the actual description of the sound and not having this info makes the file hard to use.

November 29, 2020

Having to wrangle through all the standards and non-standards other applications, sites, and systems set in naming (including Apple, Steinberg, Native Instruments, etc.) is quite a big job. It's really a chore, and a mindbender, because it's not easy to understand how they intended these words to be used and I need to pick good, clean, descriptive terms.
Steinberg, for example based its keywords on those by Apple, but then further abstracted them. Generally I found these to be anywhere between moderately and highly confusing from a musician's or user's point of view. Also fun, none of these words are documented anywhere. So they just popped this in there and told us to use them, somehow. Looking at the selection I'm not sure whether they even understood what they mean.
A good example is single/ensemble, as set by Apple, and taken over by Steinberg. A single is intended to be used for single note lines while an ensemble for multiple instruments. I find this irritating, because terms go a bit wider than this. You can have a string ensemble, but also a string section, which would be the same in this instance. A brass section is the common name, but brass ensemble is valid. However, no one speaks of a saxophone ensemble, but typically a sax section. Single is a whole different story. It's definitely not clear, what it means for a while.
My approach would be melody (a line, a phrase, a lick, a single) for a progression of single notes, and harmony for a progression of chords.
Assigning synthetic to all synthesizers, while also assigning synth, and not having organic as a complement, seems as confusing to me. I hope this summarizes a bit what I'm trying to do right now. This is the master list which will keep all output produced by the Resonic meta core clean and neatly categorized.
So now that I mentioned a handful of words, as an example, know that the list currently contains about 450 that individually need treatment 😉
Now working to assemble all the research into a quality set of keywords (tags) that describe timbre/tone/sound, rhythm, tempo, type, content, and instrument

November 28, 2020

Been working as much as I could these last ten days, using all the hour windows that opened up during a day, and put a lot of effort into auto tagging, steady progress.
Currently focusing on the auto tagging of music production related samples, i.e. instruments and percussion, character and attributes of sound, on creating a quality master list of keywords to use based on 100+ individual word/description lists gathered from DAW applications, file formats, websites, and my own content, which is quite a monumental task, to make sure tagging makes sense and is consistent. Like with the whole Resonic Meta Core the goal here is to tie a lot of chaos in content together into a unified system that shows you (ideally) everything you have in your sample collection, and make it as easy as possible to find stuff. Alongside my own sample lists I am using sample lists provided by you (see above) to verify and refine the output.
Splitting up samples/sound effects in a meaningful way is also a goal, having integrated the Universal Category System (UCS) for sound effects people already, but then growing the content gathered 20-fold from there. This will be the next step after music production related samples.
TL;DR I am working on a system that allows you find all the samples you never even knew you had, using human/musically correct terms, in both music production and sound effects work, directly in Resonic.
Alpha 1992 is up for testing

November 23, 2020

Thanks Jon & Laurence for the lists. If anyone has more sample lists (see above), please email or PM them over. Much appreciated.

November 18, 2020

Not feeling any good currently, I'll mention this next time we're having a talk here – hopefully later this week.
Although, optimized the auto tag engine and working on content as much as I can. Recent test results are in. A while ago I received sample lists from several people that I anonymously merged into one large list of 2.5 million filenames. While the ATE doesn't just process the names, this is a good quality/speed test. So with a dictionary of 10,000 entries (patterns, etc.) processing those 2.5 million items currently takes 10 seconds on my system. Take that in.
I always need more sample lists though (samples and sfx), so if you wanna send me yours grab this here: and read the included readme.txt. Your lists are deleted once they are merged into one big list, so I am not keeping them around.

November 10, 2020

The entire iTunes metadata specification (MP4 and related) is now read and interpreted by Resonic, and across other formats including typo-correction for e.g. APE/OGG tags

November 9, 2020

Made excellent progress with Resonic's auto tag engine, i.e. attaching useful keywords to audio files based on actual metadata (not audio content!) using a human (not machine learning) approach. The ATE uses several pre-processing passes and complex algorithms, and pattern analysis, all based on more than six years of R&D of data received from users, to accomplish this. Now prepping a change in the approach to this topic which involves select members of the community. In the last days the dictionary has already grown from about 5000 entries (6000 including UCS) to over 9000. This set already produces a good million match patterns to find suitable tags for your audio files.

November 4, 2020

Updated the changelog diff script ( to always compare the previous version with the newest available version, and to let you pick an old version you wish to compare with. Hint: Use CTRL-UP/DOWN to navigate versions.

October 31, 2020

Lots of little High DPI improvements happening, like the browser expand/collapse buttons here