Development Road Map

These are some of the planned and upcoming features for Resonic Pro and Resonic Player.
More features are being added as development is progressing.

Resonic Player

We've been receiving little support for the Player version for a while now. Instead we keep hearing about the Freeware version being used in commercial settings and for profit use (and we've been clear about that), and every now and then some people make us question why we're releasing free software anyways.

Based on all of the above we've decided to drop any feature plans for Player. Whatever happens, happens — whenever.

Your donations or other forms of help are still very much appreciated.

Resonic Pro

The following Resonic Pro features will become available as free updates to customers who own a valid Pro license, which of course includes Early Access licenses.


User-defined playlists, sample collections or sound bins, as well as pinned folders.

Sample Database

A sample library built into Resonic Pro, extensive metadata support, search features, and a world's first: the auto-tag system.

Database planned for 0.9.8 — 1.0; Search planned for 1.0+

Auto Tags

Resonic's ground-breaking Auto Tag system (to be introduced with the 1.0 release) and its advanced algorithms will round this off by attempting to guess keywords based on the extracted metadata, trying millions of patterns and combinations on countless files within just a few seconds, building up a virtual keyword library automatically, which assists you in finding sounds fast that you didn't even know you had. A year of research and analysis and a lot of feedback from testers went into this particular feature and we're convinced that it'll be a driving force to your workflow.

If you're into sample management and you need to find sounds in a mess of a library really fast, this is for you.

Planned for 0.9.7 — 1.0

Metadata Editing

Editing of metadata, and printing it to (embedding it into) existing files, using a combination of in-place editing and file reconstruction (RIFF/IFF) to reduce metadata modification times to a minimum, especially when editing large audio files.

Planned for 1.0+

Cue Saving

Saving of user markers, slices, cues, and export to other formats (e.g. xml).

Planned for 1.0+

Foreign Language Support

Translation and localization of the English user interface into other languages.

User Themes

We might open up the theming system to the general public, which allows for complex user interface color schemes and variations.

Batch Targets

A list of target folders for copy/move/processing in a sidebar that accepts files from the file list and from other applications via drag & drop.

Ideal for structuring files, or for copying them to often-used destinations like external drives.

Implemented in 0.9.2

Bullet Mode

Browse samples, faster than fast.

A special browsing mode reduces internal processing to the bare minimum and stops most metadata like tags from being processed, which makes for the fastest possible sample browsing and previewing experience. This is especially useful when navigating around folders with tens and hundreds of thousands of files, even when scanning deep folder structures recursively.

Implemented in 0.9.3

Instant Mapping

Map slices and other cues as well as files in a folder or playlist to keyboard keys, or to MIDI keyboard keys or drum pads, in order to audition them directly and musically.

MIDI input planned for 0.9.5 — 1.0
Partially implemented in 0.9.3

Advanced Monitoring

Mono Downmix, Center Adjust, L-R, M-S Matrix, in addition to the existing dim and crossfeed features.

Planned for 0.9.1 — 0.9.6
Partially implemented in 0.9.3

R128 Level Meter

Planned for 1.0+

Improved Analyzers

Grid, hold, options.

Planned for 1.0+

Waveform Zoom

Waveforms will be zoomable, up to a certain point.

However, since we don't want Resonic to mutate into an audio editor we'll always favor overall performance. We won't be providing 1:1 zoom with editor accuracy for the time being.

Planned for 1.0+

See also: Will there be (horizontal) zoom?

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