MethLab Limited Edition

This edition has reached its download limit (500) and is no longer available.

This Resonic Player Limited Edition (0.7.1b) update shows off the dark user interface theme, switchable in Resonic Pro, for the very first time, and is being promoted by our friends at MethLab Recordings in celebration of the release of their BNKR001 – Obscurity EP from Allied.

It will be the only dark-themed free version for the time being. (Screenshots: 1 2 3)

More information: Resonic Pro, Early Access.

What's MethLab?

MethLab represents artists from the cutting edge of the Tech-fuelled spectrum – focussing primarily on Drum and Bass, but also catering to artists on the fringe with output in other areas. We push aphotic electronic bass music, created by pioneering individuals who aren't afraid to break away from the pack and are so unique in their abilities that their ever-growing audiences follow them anyway. Our aim is to support artists who are pushing their artforms and expanding the frontiers of their respective genres through bookings, management and unusual projects aimed at reaching new followers. Our objective is to bring our musical vision of the future into the present; to help create a world in which the dystopian rave can thrive.

Why Resonic?

Resonic is both a revolution and evolution in audio players.
A revolution in terms of something producers needed for long time from the beginning.
An evolution in how it handles files better, quicker, and in a more customizable way.
Billain, aka. Adis Kutkut