Resonic Player

Fast and free audio player.

Resonic Player is a fast audio and music player, directory player, and sample browser, built around a big waveform view, a frequency analyzer, and a musical spectrum.

Free for non-commercial and non-profit use.

Browse and play large amounts of music files, sounds, and folders, audition many audio file formats.

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Resonic Pro

Pioneering sample manager.

Resonic Pro is the Player's big brother, a powerful sample manager, audio browser, and creativity tool for audio professionals that comes loaded with a unique set of inspiring and workflow-enhancing features, audio extraction, slicing, REX auditioning, and an extensive metadata system.

Browse, manage, find, audition, and analyze audio content — extract portions of audio files — cue and slice files — tag, search, and categorize material — compare versions of mixes, be creative with your audio content and get fresh ideas.

The Pro can do all the things the Player can do, plus countless more that are designed with audio professionals in mind.

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I never used to send messages to programmers, but Resonic surprised me. I love it! Leonel Castillo (Groovear), AR