Product Comparison

This chart compares availability of some of the key features in Resonic Player and Resonic Pro.
Please check back every now and then as this page is being updated.

Feature Resonic Player Resonic Pro
Audio Engine 32-bit Float 32-bit Float
DirectSound Device Support
WASAPI Device Support Partial
ASIO Device Support
Playback Sampling Rates Up to 96kHz/32-bit Up to 192kHz/32-bit
Multichannel Playback/Surround Auditioning Stereo only
Channel Limit 8 Unlimited
MIDI Auditioning (Built-in Synthesizer) High quality
User Soundfonts (.sf2)
Dark Theme (Switchable)
Volume Dimming
Mono Auditioning (Sum To Mono)
Headphones Crossfeed
Advanced Level Meter (LUFS, LR, TP) Simple peak only
Metadata Support Basic Full
Metadata Error Reporting/File Check In development
Soundminer Metadata Import
iXML/BWF Metadata Import
Algorithm-Based Auto Tagging (Keywording)
Realtime Looping Basic A-B repeat
Mouse Selections
Drag & Drop Audio Extraction to Other Applications
Crop Selection to New Audio File
Individual Channel Extraction
Quick Slicing and Export to New Audio Files
Quick Slice Auditioning via Keyboard
Seamless Looping of Short Audio Files Down to single cycle
Realtime Pitch Shifting (Semitones/Cents)
Keep Playback Position when Switching Files
M/S Decoding/Encoding
REX/REX2 Support (Propellerhead)
Batch Targets
File List Filtering Including metadata
Vertical Waveform Scaling
Waveform Zoom Planned
Note/Octave Display in Musical Spectrum
Full Database Search In development
Tagging In development In development
iXML/BWF Metadata Writing In development
VST Support Planned
User Themes In development In development