ShuttleXpress (USB)

Resonic provides native support for this handy and very affordable USB device made by Contour Design.
Install their driver, plug the device in, and you're good to go.

You can unplug and replug the device at any time while Resonic is running without having to restart the application.

Hold down the Shift button to access the secondary functions.

1. Toggle play/pause, Play/restart
2. Shift button
3. Toggle mute, Stop

4. Previous track, Previous folder
5. Next track, Next folder

6. Jog dial seeks in small steps, changes volume
7. Shuttle ring seeks in big steps

These mappings* are intended for left-handed use, but you can enable right-handed mode which swaps button 2. and 3.

By default remote control works globally, i.e. Resonic does not have to be the active application. This won't affect other applications that use the ShuttleXpress, as they take over the device once they are activated. Control also works when the system is locked, e.g., ⊞ Win+L.

More information on Contour Design products: ShuttleXpress, ShuttlePRO V2.

*) Additional functionality planned for Resonic Pro