Recording the Master Output

Everything you hear within Resonic Pro can be recorded directly into new audio files.

Since recording the played back audio takes into account live looping, slice triggering, as well as volume and pitch changes it becomes ideal as a sketch pad for music production and sound design, or simply for creative idea finding.

This feature is available from Resonic Pro 0.8.9.

This feature requires WASAPI or ASIO output and won't work with DirectSound.

Start Recording

To record what is currently playing press the dedicated record button in the transport bar (), or the Num * key.

A status message will notify you if the recording has started.

The record button () will be red while recording.

Stop Recording

To stop recording press the red record button, or the Num * key, again.

A status message will notify you that the recording has ended.
You can click this status message to go directly to the recorded file and start playing it back.

Storage Locations for Recordings

New recordings are always stored in a folder called Recorded Audio.

Depending on your version of Resonic Pro:

<userprofile>\Documents\Resonic\Pro\Recorded Audio
<userprofile>\Documents\Resonic\Pro Beta\Recorded Audio

The portable version uses this folder:

<appdir>\Portable\<user>@<machine>\Recorded Audio

For your convenience there is also a parent node called Recorded Audio in Resonic's browser that lets you access the folder directly.