User Interface Usability

The Resonic user interface is highly customized and offers advanced usability which goes way beyond what's being offered natively by the operating system.

We'll explain some of these customizations on this page.

Hover & Wheel

Many user interface elements (e.g. browser, file list, time display) support a feature we call hover-and-wheel:

  • Move the mouse cursor onto an element and use Wheel
  • You do not have to click the element first to focus or activate it

Example Move the mouse over the browser and use Wheel, then move the mouse over the file list and use Wheel.


Wheeling Buttons

A few buttons (e.g. play mode, visualization type, or pitch) support hover-and-wheel functionality.

Move the mouse cursor onto a button and use Wheel.
Depending on how you like to work this can save time, avoid unneccessary clicks, and lets you interact with buttons more easily.

Clicking Buttons

In addition to the common Left-Click, or Right-Click to show a popup menu, some buttons may support Middle-Click, Ctrl-click, ⇧ Shift-click, or Alt-click.

Note that many buttons have right-click context menus that let you access additional features, e.g. the visualization type button.

Dragging Buttons

Some buttons may support dragging (e.g. pitch, or vertical zoom).

Left-Click the button and hold it, then drag it up or down to either change a displayed value, or have it do something else depending on its function.
This behavior is commonly known from audio and video editing software.

Popup Menus

Clicking Items

Usually, when you Left-Click a menu item the menu closes.

However, certain no close menu items might keep the menu open so you can toggle multiple items with Left-Click and without having to reopen the menu over and over again.
e.g. file list column selection menu, filter meta selection, style options.

You can close popup menus at any time using Right-Click. Useful for no close menu items.

Auto Close

Whenever you open a popup menu and you're done with it just keep working as usual and forget about it as it will go away automatically.

Popup menus automatically fade out and close when you move away from them, saving time and yet another unneccessary click to close the menu.
An option is available to change this behavior.

Delay and Prediction

Unlike the operating system's standard popups menus and submenus in Resonic open almost instantly.

Our menus use a prediction algorithm that tries to figure out where the mouse cursor is going, which allows you to quickly move diagonally to a certain submenu item without having the menu switch to something you did not intend to select.