Welcome fellow scener!

I'm Liqube and I make Resonic Pro, a fast audio player and sample browser for professionals and enthusiasts.
It offers studio-grade audio quality, XMPlay-compatible playback of tracked music, a big waveform seekbar, and analyzers.

I'd like to support the demoscene by giving:

  • A full Pro to the Top 3 winners in all music compos
  • A free 1.5-year Pro license to every compo participant
  • A free 1-year Pro license to every Revision Party ticket holder

I value privacy and won't ask for your full name if you prefer it that way.

To claim your license contact either liqube#8073 or jeenio#9010 on Discord or Twitch, with a screenshot of your ticket or compo entry.
Winners can claim their full license after the prizegiving ceremony.

We're on Discord: discord.gg/RVjfXgu