Hi Revision 2024!

I'm Liqube and I make Resonic Pro, a professional audio player and sample browser with studio-grade audio quality, XMPlay-compatible playback of tracked music, a big waveform seekbar, and analyzers.

I wish I could be with all of you again at Revision 2024, but life said no.

Like in the previous years though I'd like to support the demoscene in a way I can:

I'll gift a full Resonic Pro license

  • to the top 3 winners of any music compo
  • to the 1st places of the PC demo and PC 64/8/4k intro compos

And a free 1-year Pro license

  • to everyone who participated in a Revision compo
  • to everyone who bought a Revision party ticket

I value privacy and won't ask for your full name if you prefer it that way.

To claim your license send an email to with a screenshot of your ticket or compo entry.
Winners can claim their full license after the prizegiving ceremony.

Much love <3

My Discord: discord.gg/RVjfXgu