PluGView tries its best to display the plugins used by DAW project files without having to start any DAW software.

Supports many versions of Cubase, Nuendo, Ableton Live, and Reaper.

You do not have to have any of these applications installed.


Released July 23, 2011

New Features

  • Now listing removable drives
  • New Options button at bottom of main window
  • Local plugin scanning: compares installed plugins to plugins used by project files
  • Missing plugins can be highlighted (ie. used by project, but not installed)
  • Plugins view can be grouped into installed and missing plugins
  • Default projects folder can now be set in options, or you can just let the thing remember and restore the last used folder
  • New Copy plugin report to clipboard feature
  • Plugin instance counts can now be included in clipboad copy (as suggested)
  • Configuration is now saved to plugview.xml upon exit.
  • Displays tempo (bpm) and signature (eg. 4/4) information in lower right corner. This works for Cubase SX2/SX3/4/5, Live 8.1 or higher, and Reaper 3 project files. Nuendo should work fine as well. Older Live versions are not supported.
  • Added support for Unicode project filenames


  • Slightly faster loading of project files
  • Much faster loading of Ableton Live 8.1 (or higher) project files
  • UAD Powered Plugins 5.8 added to information database
  • UAD mono plugins are detected properly


  • Some minor core code fixes
  • Fixed rare problem where .cpr files didn't get loaded properly. (reported: Andrew)


Released March 27, 2010

New Features

  • Support for new Ableton Live 8.1+ files (very nice move, Ableton!)
  • Recognizes effects and instruments built into Live 8.1
  • Displays plugin types for Live 8.1+
  • Experimental support for Cockos Reaper 3.x files
  • Recognizes Automap and FX-Teleport plugins
  • Simple copy to clipboard button (plugin names only atm)


  • Core code reworked from scratch, now extensible


  • First official release

Beta 0.9

Released January 24, 2010


  • Some fixes