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A list of shortcut keys in Resonic is available here.

Alpha 0.58 (999)

Released January 22, 2014
New features
Fixed and improved a large number of usability and performance features
Drag & Drop directly from the file list to other applications
like Windows Explorer, DAWs, audio and video editors, other players, etc.
Drag & Drop of multi-selections is supported.
This feature is still experimental.
Overall interface performance improved, e.g. file switching
Overall disk performance improved and optimized
Several visual improvements and fixes for
themed and non-themed Windows XP,
themed and non-themed Windows 7 (Aero, Aero Basic, and especially Classic).
Faster application start-up,
especially for users with (many) browser bookmarks and multiple hard disks.
Much faster application exit,
which also improves the occasional seconds-long exit delay experienced by some users.
When Resonic takes a little longer to start up it is probably attempting to access
a slow location on an external, sleeping, or network drive,
e.g. your last played folder/file. If this happens a lot to you consider
disabling the start-up resume feature.
Files can now be pasted directly into the active folder with CTRL+V,
or via the file list context menu.
When files are successfully cut or copied (CTRL+X or CTRL+C) to the clipboard
a message is now shown for a brief moment
New Select + Deselect Files feature,
lets you select (ALT+NUM+) and deselect (ALT+NUM-) multiple files at once.
Press the shortcuts twice to quickly apply the mask and close the dialog,
e.g. press ALT+NUM- twice to quickly deselect all files.
You can do multiple selects or deselects to refine the current selection.
Wildcards (* and ?, e.g. *.mp3) are supported, but are optional:
without wildcards any filename that contains the entered text matches.
Introducing frequency analyzer styles,
starting with a minimalistic Outline style (see Menu | Visualization).
A-B repeat area now stays intact when the Maintain position feature (">|>" button)
is enabled and you switch from one playing file to another,
restarting the loop from the beginning.
This opens up new possibilities, e.g. for comparing parts of mixes.
A-B repeat region can now be set while playback is paused.
The A position can also be set while playback is stopped,
i.e. the region will start at the beginning of the file (suggested: LopDog)
Ogg-Opus output gain now defaults to 0dB, ignoring any Replaygain tags,
and reproducing the audio as-is (reported: Andreasvb)
Visualization area (e.g. waveform) can now be toggled via Menu | Interface or with CTRL+F12.
When hidden the F12 key will first turn it back on, then cycle as usual.
Note that this also hides the level meter.
Waveforms are still being scanned even when the visualization area is hidden,
but the level meter does not use up any processing time.
Compact volume bar option.
To enable it right-click the volume bar and select Compact.
New method to quickly seek in the current audio file:
Use the mouse wheel over the playback time display (next to loop and A-B buttons).
Playback time display can now be hidden via Menu | Interface
Mouse wheel now also controls volume while the mouse cursor is over
the header bar, information bar, transport bar, or footer bar.
Explorer context menus:
Hold down the SHIFT key and right-click a file or folder to show the Windows Explorer
context menu instead of the Resonic context menu.
Note that this currently only works for single files and folders,
not for multi-selections.
New Dismiss and Deselect item in file list popup menu closes the popup menu
and clears the current multi-selection.
New column: Rating.
Resonic now reads and displays ID3v2 ratings as 0 to 5 stars.
When a rating is unavailable - is displayed.
Ratings written by other software like Windows Explorer, Windows Media Player, iTunes,
Media Monkey, are interpreted intelligently for compatibility.
Ratings written by foobar2000 are also supported.
New and updated file list icons:
Stereo: big square, Mono: small square, Multi-channel: four squares.
Icon colors remain the same:
Blue: lossless files (e.g. wav),
Orange: lossy files (e.g. mp3),
Green: music files (e.g. xm).
Double-click a folder to open that folder and start playback at the first file
Right-click stop button for an experimental Stop with fade-out feature
New Properties item in file list popup shows a single file's properties
like Explorer does (ALT+ENTER).
New experimental feature: Focus indicators.
They show you which main part of the application currently has the input focus
and can be enabled via Menu | Interface.
This feature might be removed in a future update though.

Smoother level meter
Show in Explorer now also works for file list multi-selections
Menu button usability improved:
menu button now toggles when clicked (thx Martin)
Improved ESC key behavior:
When file list is active ESC clears the current selection.
When file list is not active ESC sets the input focus to the file list.
Startup resume feature now also restores paused state.
To try this pause a track, then close down Resonic and restart it.
Reworked serveral parts of how the file list reacts to user input
File list selections now stay intact during automatic track changes,
and also when you click the next/previous buttons.
Improved file list right-click and multi-selection behavior
Smaller rescan button, text removed in favor of icon
Slightly bigger splitters, which makes it easier to grab and resize both
the waveform and the side-bar panel
Scanning performance greatly improved for module music (mod, xm, it, etc.)
when Events visualization (F12) is active.
Playback buttons now only respond to right-clicks when there is a menu to show
Loop button now correctly disables both the Stop after current button
and the visual stop indicator (vertical red line) at the end of the waveform
Several theme color changes
You can now press the UP key at the top of the file list to jump to the last file,
and the DOWN key at the bottom to jump to the first file.
Double-click a folder to open it and start playing its first file.
The focus is now set to the file list so you can immediately use the arrow keys
(i.e. UP and DOWN) afterwards for navigation.
When active file in list is not selected it will be selected on first click,
then restart playback on subsequent clicks.
When active file in list is selected, will always restart playback.
In Random playback mode the active file is now automatically centered

Removed left padding in browser for a little extra space

Fixed and improved right-click behavior with file list selections.
Also, right-click will no longer accidentally start playback.
Fixed Resonic being unable to play files that reside in hidden folders.
When you play files inside a hidden folder Resonic will now list the folder's contents
while keeping it hidden in the browser.
Expect an option to show hidden folders and files in a future version.
This fixes the issue where files received in Skype could not directly be opened with Resonic.
Fixed incomplete waveforms being saved when closing Resonic while a file
is still being scanned (reported: M. Tofall)
Fixed clickable area of playback time display in transport bar (reported: mrfox)
Fixed mouse click not always triggering properly on playback time display
Fixed random play mode not working properly with taskbar controls
Fixed Play not restarting properly when Maintain position feature is enabled
Fixed file list selections affecting playback order.
The next/previous file will now always start at the active/playing file,
even if the current selection is somewhere else.
Fixed SHIFT and arrow keys not selecting files
Unsupported drives and external devices are now hidden in browser
Fixed some notification messages being visible for brief moments only
Fixed right-click in both file list and browser not properly selecting items
Fixed white header overlapping waveform on startup when
Remember window position option is enabled (reported: Andreasvb)
Fixed several other small issues
Fixed crash with certain large-pattern module music files
Fixed issue with certain module music files where error messages kept popping up

This is the final Alpha of Resonic Player

Alpha 0.5 (840)

Released April 17, 2013
New features
Waveform scanning now about twice as fast, also for multi-channel files
Meta data listing fixed and now also several times faster, especially
for files with incomplete tags (thx Martin)
Introducing the notification and status bar, which replaces most of the
annoying message popups.
It sits at the bottom of the main window and shows various kinds of
messages in the colors green, yellow, orange, and red.
Number of files in current folder and total size now shown in status bar
Customizable columns (right-click file list header).
Column settings, sort column, and direction are all saved and restored.
Option to 'Avoid horizontal scrollbar, if possible' (right-click file list header),
which is enabled by default.
This feature will try to maximize the main column, and right-align all other
columns so that the scrollbar is never shown.
When the user resizes the main column (filename) tis option is automatically
disabled, and a message is shown.
If it's not possible to avoid the scrollbar a message is shown.
Sort column and direction remembered when changing folders
Sort column background now highlighted
It's now possible to sort by columns that contain information which is not
immediately available, like tags or audio properties.
Depending on the sort column Resonic might sort the file list again when
all the required information is available.
It's now possible to sort by the little colored squares that describe
the kind of content in the audio file, i.e. blue for lossless,
orange for lossy, or green for music. Click the column header to sort by the colored squares.
Full multi-monitor support for any combination of screen sizes and arrangements
for saving and restoring window position and size.
If the window is more than half of its width or height out of either side
of the multi-monitor setup it is automatically recovered.
With Remember window position enabled you can now safely move Resonic, for example,
to a second screen, maximize it there, and have it saved and restored there.
Resonic can now also span multiple monitors.
Volume presets (right-click volume bar)
Save and restore user volume (right-click volume bar)
Slimmer transport bar and slightly smaller playback controls
Added Explore and select folder to context menu in browser (suggested: PHM)
File listing speed improved on Windows 8, especially for folders containing
thousands of audio files
Mouse cursor can now automatically be hidden when on visualization
(see Menu | Visualization).
You can now middle-click the waveform to pause/continue/start playback
New shortcut: NUMPAD+1 jumps to the beginning of the file
New shortcut: NUMPAD+2 jumps to the middle of the file
New in file list context menu: Refresh (F5) and Refresh browser (CTRL+F5)
New in browser context menu: Refresh browser (CTRL+F5)
Confirmation dialogs that are displayed when Resonic wants to open the web browser
now also show the web address that is about to be opened
New icon in the lower left corner shows the state of the sidebar (left panel)
and lets you toggle it when clicked (same as F4)

Overall performance improvements
Window restores slightly faster
Playback advances to next track slightly faster
Volume context menu (right-click volume bar) is now aligned
Analyzer accuracy (not resolution) doubled for sampling rates above 48 kHz,
which takes a little more processing power.
Vertical analyzer scale slightly adjusted for musicality.
Note that an accurate mode as well as vertical zoom is planned for all
analyzers in Resonic Pro.
Improved stability of analyzer code
Numerous color theme and graphics adjustments
Left-click the filename in the header to browse to its folder
CTRL+click the filename in the header to select the file in Explorer
Build date in window title now only shown once on start-up, then hidden
Selected sleep timer method now shown in menu (Menu | Sleep Timer)
New behavior: The Play button now continues playback when paused, or restarts
playback from the beginning when stopped or already playing.
This also applies to the taskbar controls (reported: BTGbullseye)

Fixed Error state not always being shown for non-playable or broken files
Fixed occasional overflow bug when playing the first file with analyzer active
Corrected analyzer sometimes peaking way too high, a side effect of making
low peaks more visible. This will further improve in updates.
Fixed analyzer being completely off for sample rates other than 44.1 kHz.
Also the upper frequency was off, values shown were always representing 44.1 kHz,
and the frequency display was cut off for rates lower than 44.1 kHz.
All these issues were fixed. (reported: BTGbullseye)
Fixed wrong frequency values being shown with sample rates above 96 kHz
when mouse-hovering the linear analyzer.
Fixed show/hide footer menu item not following state (reported: R. Johnson)
Fixed the NUMLOCK key accidently toggling mute.
Note that mute can always be toggled with the PAUSE key.
Windows XP: Color fixes when running with classic design (reported: Andreasvb)

You can click and drag some of the free spaces in header bar, transport bar,
and status bar to move the main window.
Web: Beta and pre-release testing forum up at forums.resonic.at.
Apply only if you're serious.

Alpha 0.41 (706)

Released March 9, 2013
Temporary fix release for some users having the browser glitch.
To reduce chances of it occuring please reduce the visualization panel
to its minimum size by grabbing on the lower edge and dragging it up.
The next update will fix this issue.

Alpha 0.55 (910)

Released October 14, 2013
New features
New button for Stop after current (red line symbol),
which was originally part of the playback mode button (sequential, random).
When enabled a vertical red line at the end of the waveform indicates that playback
is about to stop the current file has finished.
Additionally – on Windows 7 and 8 – a Stop after current indicator is shown
as part of the Resonic icon in task bar when large task bar icons are enabled in
Windows (which is the default).
New start-up resume feature, see Menu | Playback:
Saves folder, file, and play position when you close Resonic,
restores folder, file, and play position when you restart Resonic.
Hold down the CTRL key while Resonic is starting up to prevent start-up resume.
New A-B repeat feature:
During playback left-click the A-B button once to set the start position (A point),
left-click it again to set the end position (B point),
your selected A-B region is now highlighted and will loop indefinitely.
To clear the A-B region left-click the button a third time,
or right-click the button any time.
The minimum length of an A-B region is one second.
Hint: You can seek in the audio file before you set the end position.
New Maintain position feature (">|>" button):
Maintains playback position when switching from a playing file to another file,
continuing at the exact position where the first file left off.
Very useful for both audio professionals and occasional music listeners,
this can for example be used to:
Compare various versions of bounces, mixes, masters.
Preview whole albums or sets of tracks with only a few clicks.
New waveform style selection (see Menu | Visualization) with
four preset styles to pick from:
ClassicResonic classic waveform (default)
Interlace – simple version of the classic waveform
Plain – single-color waveform with outline
Outline – waveform outline only; as minimal as it gets
Volume bar reworked from scratch: faster, more reliable
Volume bar now shows the current volume level in percent while in use.
Caption is automatically hidden after a couple of seconds.
Resonic Pro will show the level in decibels by default.
Volume bar now does smooth transitions when changing volume via left-click
New advanced option: Disable waveform cache.
With the waveform cache disabled each time you play a file the waveform
is rescanned and no cache data is written to the hard drive.
Most users should leave this option untouched.
Header filename can now be right-clicked for a menu
New shortcut: ALT+WHEEL on file list play-scrolls through the files,
which can be used to quickly preview lots of smaller audio files
New shortcut: CTRL+ALT+WHEEL on file list plays a random file
New shortcut: SHIFT+TAB switches between visualizations (like F12)
New shortcut: CTRL+L toggles looping (like NUM+/)
Information bar: Now shows whether files are variable bitrate (VBR)

Overall performance improvements
Core player completely rewritten for sbetter stability and future functionality
Core event handling overhauled for better UI performance
Slightly improved tag scanning speed
Waveform: Improved digital silence detection and visualization
Waveform: Dotted lines are now hidden when it's of no use to show them,
e.g. when channel heights too small
Muted state and mute volume are remembered and restored.
To try this mute volume, close Resonic, restart it, and then un-mute.
Mute, un-mute, and dim now smoothly change volume
When muted the volume bar now visualizes its previous value, grayed out.
Time display reworked from scratch: faster, aligned
Improved browser refreshes for smoother updates
When you try to start playback without an active file (e.g. after start-up)
Resonic now plays the first file in current folder.
Updated logo graphic in upper right corner
Slightly smoother header/label updates when switching files
Improved support for Ogg-Opus tags
Improved tag parsing of corrupted FLAC files

Removed Alternative waveform option in favor or waveform styles

Fixed level meter flickering at low volumes
Important problem fixed where sometimes tagged files refused to play on the first
attempt (red error message) when switching between files really fast
Fixed filename column splitter not being clickable (reported: Andreasvb)
Fixed duration label showing wrong popup menu
Fixed level meter having a top padding, which is reserved for peak value display
and peak hold in Resonic Pro (reported: M. Lapierre)
Fixed ended files not restarting from beginning when clicked in file list
Fixed undesired fade-in dampening the first transient in audio files
when clicking stop, then play.
This is an important fix if you're working with loops (reported: M. Lapierre)
Fixed filenames passed via command-line being case-sensitive
Fixed occasional weird behavior when pressing ALT repeatedly (focus was lost)
Information bar: Now updated only when visible, which reduces overhead
a little bit when files start to play
Icon for playback mode Random updated.
Expect a proper Shuffle playback mode in a future release.
Fixed interface not updating properly when looping module music files
Fixed volume occasionally not going back up when playing from beginning
with loop mode enabled (reported: M. Drabik)

Alpha 0.42 (755)

Released March 12, 2013
New features
Waveform painting now up to a 100 times faster, depending on the waveform
size and requires much less processing power, and thus less battery life
on laptops as well.
Window position can now be saved and restored.
See Remember window position option in Menu | Interface.
New default waveform, similar to original one.
You can use Alternative waveform in Menu | Visualization to toggle
the lower, shaded half of the waveform.
New option to disable the translucent color overlays shading the played
area of the waveform in Menu | Visualization.
Enabling this option is mainly a design choice, but it can also help reduce
processor usage quite a bit, depending on the waveform size.
If you're in for performance over visuals make sure you enable this.
Note that in any case the overlay is only drawn up to a certain waveform height,
and is not drawn for very short sound files.
Support for Ogg-Opus tags

Improved file switching speed
Clearing the waveform cache now only takes a couple of moments.
See Clear waveform cache in Menu | Advanced.
Waveform cache now uses a little less hard drive space.
Since the cache format has changed Resonic will have to rescan your
audio files once you start playing them.
New option Use remaining playback time added to sleep timer (Menu | Sleep Timer).
This will set and start the sleep timer using the time left
in the currently playing track.
Several color theme changes once again

Fixed issues that caused severe visual glitches, effectively making the folder
browser unusable and the interface non-responsive to most user input,
especially when trying to change folders, until playback is stopped.
This problem only occured with users on lower-spec systems.
Fixed occasional crash when trying to read tags from inaccessible files

This is an important hotfix release.

Alpha 0.4 (700)

Released March 8, 2013
New features
Improved and much more reliable fade-outs, e.g. on stop
Play position indicator (vertical line) with sub-pixel accuracy
Clicking a playing file now restarts it from the beginning, like ENTER
New shortcut: CTRL+ALT+H toggles the header bar, i.e. everything above the
waveform can now be hidden using CTRL+ALT+H and CTRL+ALT+I.
New shortcut: CTRL+ALT+F toggles the footer bar
Support for chained Ogg-Opus files, and faster scanning
Support for SoundTracker MOD music files

Resonic now closes down faster and more reliably
Numerous smaller cosmetic changes
Extended keyboard navigation behavior (see remarks)
Faster toggling of elapsed/remaining time (left-click on time display)
Loop on/off shortcut changed to NUMPAD+/ to be DAW-compatible
Updated graphics for a couple of transport buttons
Bottom part of waveform now softer and blended
Played area now translucent
Loop button symbol replaced with something that better describes what Resonic
is doing when this buttons is pressed: loop the current file, seamlessly,
not repeat, as in repeat the playlist.
An actual repeat playlist feature will follow in a future release with
its own dedicated button and a different symbol.
Visualization painting performance more stable, CPU usage further reduced
Reworked analyzer painting
Completely reworked file list internals, paving the way for playlist and .cue support.
Please send or post a bug report if something's off now!
Tray icon hint now shows the name of the playing file

Fixed an occasional bug when trying to close Resonic where sound went silent,
CPU usage went up, interface didn't go away (reported: M. Tofall)
Fixed an important bug where Resonic sometimes took several seconds to stop
playback, which could happen when pressing Stop, when stopping playback
via right click, when closing down the application, or when trying to play
another file via command-line in single-instance mode.
This should also fix the main window sometimes disappearing when the application
is minimized in tray and an audio file is passed via command-line.
Level meter no longer uses CPU time when hidden (CTRL+ALT+L)
Fixed played area flashing up for a brief moment at a wrong position
after stopping playback and immediately seeking to a different position
Fixed occasional crash when seeking in damaged .ogg files
Windows XP: Some cosmetic fixes, hover colors and font corrected
for both file list and browser

When the browser is focused UP and DOWN navigate folders,
CTRL+UP and CTRL+DOWN navigate the file list,
ENTER plays the selected folder.
When the file list is focused UP and DOWN navigate the file list,
CTRL+UP and CTRL+DOWN navigate the browser,
ENTER plays the selected file.
Reminder: TAB switches focus between browser and file list
Windows 7 and 8 might be throttling your processor and graphics performance
when there is little work to do (like running Resonic) and your power plan
is set to Balanced, which is the Windows-default.
If you feel like Resonic's animations, including the analyzer, seem a little too
jittery try setting the power plan to High performance, in Control Panel
under Power Options, which might make a big difference in smoothness,
depending on your system.

A full list of changes is always included with the latest download.

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