Shortcuts in Resonic

If you're new to Resonic here are the most important shortcuts:

Play files: , Left-ClickPlay folders: Ctrl + .

Playback: , Space , ↵ Enter , Num 0.

Volume: Num + Num - , Pause/BreakHold Space to temporarily dim volume.

Visualization: F12 — e.g. waveform, analyzer

Refresh lists: F5 and Ctrl + F5.

Cut , copy , paste , delete files: Ctrl + X C V, Del.

This is a complete overview of the shortcuts in Resonic.

The Basics get you started fast — the Advanced shortcuts are for power users.


Many of the user interface elements (e.g. browser, file list, time display) support a feature we call hover-and-wheel.
You move the mouse on top of an element and use Wheel, without having to click the element to focus or to activate it first.

This functionality is even available for some buttons (e.g. play mode, visualization type, pitch).

Elements may also support Middle-Click, Ctrl-click, ⇧ Shift-click, or Alt-click.


, — seek backward, seek forward

Space — pause / resume playback
Space when stopped — play from beginning

Mouse over volume bar:
Left-Click or Wheel — change master volume


Ctrl+ — seek backward in quarter steps
Ctrl+ — seek forward in quarter steps

Hold Space — dim master volume (e.g. while talking) (release to undim)
Alt+Space — play a random item in list

Num + — increase master volume
Num - — decrease master volume
Num / or Ctrl+L — toggle loop (seamlessly loops current file)
Alt+Num / — toggle stop after current
Ctrl+Alt+Num / — toggle maintain playback position
Num Enter — start playback
Num 0 — stop playback
Num 1 — seek to beginning of file
Num 2 — seek to middle of file
Num 3 — seek to start point of active A-B selection
Pause/Break — toggle mute
Alt+Pause/Break — toggle dim

Mouse over visualization:
Alt+Wheel — seek forward or backward (anywhere)
Ctrl+Alt+Wheel — seek to a random position (anywere)

Mouse over time display:
Wheel — seek forward or backward

While Resonic is starting up:
Hold Ctrl — disable startup resume (if enabled)

File List

Left-Click — play clicked file or restart from beginning
Right-Click — context menu for file
Wheel on file list — scroll file list

When file list focused:
, — select and play file
↵ Enter — play file or restart from beginning
Esc — clear file selection

Del — recycle selected files / highlighted file, with warning (even if file currently playing)
Ctrl+⇧ Shift+Del — recycle playing file's folder


Mouse over file list:
⇧ Shift+Right-ClickExplorer context menu for file
Ctrl+Wheel — ,,play-scroll'' – navigate through files, playing them
Alt+Wheel — ,,play-scroll'' random files

When file list focused:
Ctrl+↵ Enter — select current file in Explorer window
Ctrl+⇧ Shift+↵ Enter — select current file's folder in Explorer window

Ctrl+ — play first file in previous folder
Ctrl+ — play first file in next folder

Alt+Num + — select group of files (dialog) (press again to quick-apply)
Alt+Num - — deselect group of files (dialog) (press twice to quickly deselect all selected files)
Alt+Num * — invert file selection

Ctrl+A — select all files
Ctrl+X — cut selected files / highlighted file
Ctrl+C — copy selected files / highlighted file
Ctrl+V — paste files from clipboard into current folder

Folder Browser

Mouse over browser:
Left-Click — enter selected folder
Double-Click — enter selected folder and start playing
Right-Click — context menu for folder
Wheel — scroll folder list

Del — recycle selected folder (non-permanent delete)


Mouse over browser:
⇧ Shift+Right-ClickExplorer context menu for folder
Ctrl+Wheelplay-scroll: navigate through folders, playing them

When browser focused:
, — change folder
Ctrl+, Ctrl+ — select and play previous/next file in file list
, — collapse or expand folder
↵ Enter — play first file in folder
← Back — go one level up in tree
Num * — expand all sub-folders (one level limit)
Ctrl+H — show hidden folders

⇧ Shift+Ctrl+n — create new folder (same as in Explorer)

Ctrl+V — paste path names (text) from clipboard to change to that location


Mouse over waveform:
Left-Click — seek to position
Right-Click — stop playback
Wheel — change master volume


Middle-Click — pause / continue / start playback


⇧ Shift+Left-Click — hold to draw a selection
⇧ Shift+Right-Click — clear selection
Alt+Left-Click — create a slice marker

Main Window

F4 — toggle left panel
F5 — refresh file list
Ctrl+F5 — refresh browser and file list
F12 or ⇧ Shift+Tab ↹ — next visualization type (e.g. waveform, analyzer)

Mouse over filename in header:
Left-Click — browse to active file
Right-Click — show context menu with additional options


Tab ↹ — switch focus between file list and browser
Esc — switch focus to file list

Alt+≣ Menu — open main menu (apps key)
Ctrl+F12 — toggle visualization (waveform, etc.)
Ctrl+Alt+H — toggle header
Ctrl+Alt+I — toggle information bar
Ctrl+Alt+L — toggle level meter
Ctrl+Alt+F — toggle footer
Alt+M — minimize to system tray (click tray icon to restore)
Ctrl+P — toggle preferences dialog

Mouse over filename in header:
Ctrl+Left-Click — open and select file in Explorer window


Ctrl+Left-Click — select individual files / folders
⇧ Shift+Left-Click — select multiple files / folders at once

Alt+Right-Click — clear selection