Documentation (Latest)

This is the latest work-in-progress documentation and user manual section for Resonic Pro 0.9.4 and up, including Alpha and Beta versions. It is updated whenever new builds go into testing and new features are introduced.

User Manual


Welcome to Resonic Pro

A few pointers to get you up and running and to show you where to find what online

Installing Resonic

All about installing Resonic and the types of packages and builds

Introduction to Resonic Pro

A brief introduction to Pro features

Resonic and Virus Scanners (AV)

About virus scanners (AV), and false positives, not just related to Resonic

Shipped File Details

Details on the most relevant files that ship with Resonic

User Interface


Advanced usability user interface features in Resonic

File List

File list behavior, colors, symbols, and Duralines explained

Keyboard Shortcuts

All keyboard shortcuts and mouse commands in Resonic


Audio Extraction

Methods of extracting audio content to new files in Resonic Pro

Batch Targets

Drag & Drop batch processing targets in Resonic Pro

Recording in Resonic Pro

Recording what you hear to disk in Resonic Pro

Advanced Topics

Command Line

A complete overview of command line support in Resonic

iXML Implementation

Officially approved iXML metadata implementation chart for Resonic Pro

General Information


Player and Pro Features

A closer look at the basic features of Resonic Player and Pro.

Exclusive Pro Features

Reinventing workflow with Resonic Pro.

Product Comparison

Comparing the availability of some of the key features in Resonic Player and Resonic Pro.

Development Road Map

Road Map for Resonic Pro and Player, and their upcoming features.



Screenshots for Resonic, the ultra-fast audio player, browser, and sample manager.

Resonic Labs

Showcase for development ideas, tests, and experiments.


Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions (FAQs) with corresponding answers.


How to get in touch with the makers of Resonic.

What's New in Resonic

A complete list of changes, improvements, and new features for recent versions of Resonic.